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Top 10 of Cristiano Ronaldo’s best career-goals out of 700

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As a way of honoring Cristiano Ronaldo’s impressive 700 career-goals, it’s time to make a Top 10 list of the best he’s ever scored.

Cristiano Ronaldo just reached the impressive 700-goal milestone during the international break, this gave us the idea to talk about his Top 10 most important goals ever.

Although we are aware that the Portuguese star has many great goals throughout his time as a footballer, we surely can select 10 out of those 700.

We also know that not everybody will agree with our picks, the whole Ronaldo.com staff voted on the best goals from Cristiano’s career.

We came up with the most objective possible list, but we can’t please everybody in the world.

We encourage you to make your own Top 10 and share it with the Ronaldo.com community in the comment section down below.

We know that everybody will go crazy with this list of incredible goals, have fun!