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Top 10 of Cristiano Ronaldo’s best career-goals out of 700

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As a way of honoring Cristiano Ronaldo’s impressive 700 career-goals, it’s time to make a Top 10 list of the best he’s ever scored.

Cristiano Ronaldo just reached the impressive 700-goal milestone during the international break, this gave us the idea to talk about his Top 10 most important goals ever.

Although we are aware that the Portuguese star has many great goals throughout his time as a footballer, we surely can select 10 out of those 700.

We also know that not everybody will agree with our picks, the whole Ronaldo.com staff voted on the best goals from Cristiano’s career.

We came up with the most objective possible list, but we can’t please everybody in the world.

We encourage you to make your own Top 10 and share it with the Ronaldo.com community in the comment section down below.

We know that everybody will go crazy with this list of incredible goals, have fun!

10.- El Clasico goal from the 2011-12 season.

This one happened during the one season in which Real Madrid could finally defeat Pep Guardiola’s FC Barcelona, they had Jose Mourinho leading the project.

It had been a gruesome season until the day Los Blancos visited Camp Nou, Cristiano scored the winning goal and silenced Camp Nou.

The moment will remain as one of the biggest flexes of Ronaldo’s career, we all imitated his gesture since then.

9.- His UEFA Champions League free-kick against Arsenal.

It was Cristiano Ronaldo’s final season at Manchester United, he was the man who took the Red Devils all the way to the final against FC Barcelona.

This goal came during the semifinals against Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal, a cheeky free-kick that seemed impossible to score even on the replay.

8.- The backheel in Vallecas during the 2011-12 season.

Backheels goals are usually a striker’s specialty, but Ronaldo proved that he can do anything when it comes to scoring impossible goals.

This one happened in the 2011-12 season in Vallecas, Cristiano was wearing red against Rayo Vallecano and he scored a potent goal with his backheel.

When it happened, nobody could believe their eyes.

7.- Another backheel goal against Valencia in 2014.

Contrary to the more conventional backheel against Rayo Vallecano, Ronaldo decided to take a page from Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s book of acrobatic goals.

This one happened against Valencia in 2014, Ronaldo was the man who made the comeback possible by scoring the equalizer with this beauty.

The main man also scored the winner at the Bernabeu that evening.

6.- That ridiculous long-range goal in Levante during 2012.

There are many long-distance goals that Cristiano Ronaldo has scored throughout his career, this is arguably one of his specialties.

However, we decided to only include a couple of the ones he scored for his clubs and his country.

We go to the 2011-12 season in Levante, when Ronaldo defied the laws of physics and scored one of the most impressive goals of his career from a long distance.

5.- That free-kick against Spain in the 2018 World Cup.

One of the most recent goals that Ronaldo scored came during the most recent FIFA World Cup, it was at the biggest stage against one of the biggest rivals.

During the group stage against Spain, the Portuguese star scored a ridiculous free-kick in one of the best overall performances of his career.

Cristiano finished the game with a hat-trick, something Messi never did during a World Cup.

4.- That impressive solo effort against Espanyol in 2016.

We go to what can arguably be considered one of the most underrated goals of his career, this beautiful La Liga solo effort against Espanyol.

That dribble he made against two opponents was very reminiscent of vintage Ronaldo from Manchester United. We give you this deep cut to enjoy.

3.- The Puskas Award against FC Porto in 2009.

Moving on to the podium, we bring you the goal that gave Ronaldo an award that Messi hasn’t won yet.

This one happened when he played for Manchester United in a visit to his own country.

This is still possibly one of the most incredible long-distance goals ever scored, it was practically from midfield against FC Porto.

2.- The perfect free-kick against Portsmouth in 2008.

Ronaldo has a very particular was of bending it when he takes free-kicks, he takes three steps and releases a potent strike.

Out of all the many goals he scored from set-pieces, there is no question that the one against Portsmouth in the Premier League is the most impressive.

We call it perfect because it got in through the exact upper angle with James only staring at the achievement. Ronaldo’s face after scoring was the perfect reaction.

1.- His perfect bicycle kick against Juventus.

There is no question that the absolute best goal in Cristiano Ronaldo’s career is the one that got him to pass Juventus’ audition.

It happened a year before he made his shocking move to the Italian club, and it is one of the most beautiful bicycle kicks in football history.

Play it on a loop as many times as you want, watching it never gets old.

What’s your favorite Cristiano Ronaldo goal out of all his 700? Please share your Top 10 lists in the comment section down below.