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Top 10 players from the Champions League’s group stage

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It’s time for us to talk about the best of the best in the UEFA Champions League’s group stage, the Top 10 footballers. 

We’ve experienced quite an exciting UEFA Champions League group stage, we need to talk about the Top 10 players of the tournament.

Usually, this part of the tournament gets us to experience new players that we maybe hadn’t seen before.

However, we tend to get the usual suspects every year with the exception of a few unknown names.

This year was no exception. We got to live through performances from players that left us with our jaws on the floor.

We also got poor overall performances from a few players that we didn’t expect.

Spoiler alert! We didn’t include Cristiano Ronaldo on this list because he isn’t going through his best moment with his new club.

This doesn’t mean we don’t expect him to appear in the knock-out stage though.

Without further ado. We give you the Top 10 players from this UEFA Champions League group stage