Top 10 Real Madrid Galacticos signed by Florentino Perez

Now that Eden Hazard became the latest Real Madrid transfer, it’s time to talk about the Top 10 Galacticos brought by Florentino Perez.

Real Madrid president, Florentino Perez has a history of signing ‘Galacticos’.

This term is used to describe the most prestigious footballers in the world who were signed by him to represent Los Blancos.

There have been two different terms in which Perez performed as the club’s president.

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The first time he took office, Florentino signed four players for really elevated prices who were considered ‘Galacticos’.

The second time, the chairman signed a total of six players who can also fit into this colorful description.

We will talk about the Top 10 Real Madrid Galacticos that Florentino brought to the club between both of his terms.


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