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Top 10 Spanish World Cup champions who remain active

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As more and more Spanish World Cup champions keep announcing their retirement, we give you the Top 10 who are left. 

Over the last few years, we’ve seen several Spanish World Cup champions who announced their retirement.

This generation of players who won Spain’s first-ever title in the biggest tournament out there will never be repeated again.

They have been compared to other legendary squads such as Franz Beckenbauer’s Germany, Pele’s Brazil, or Johan Cruyff’s Holland.

This particular squad had several incredible players who formed one of the most brilliant teams the world ever enjoyed.

Out of the 23 players who won the competition, 13 have already retired or announced they are hanging up their boots.

David Villa is the most recent one of all, but there is still a Top 10 list of players who haven’t called it quits.

We will tell you where they are and how much time they have left to play the beautiful game.