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Top 25 players with the most assists in the 21st century

Top 25 players with the most assists in the 21st century
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Check it out here as we present the 25 players with the most assists in European football since the beginning of the 21st century.

Scoring goals win games and trophies, but what good would a striker be without a creative partner to provide assists? You could argue this player is every bit as important, if not more.

Some players have even dedicated themselves to supplying assists instead of goals. Kevin De Bruyne and Mesut Ozil, arguably two of the best playmakers of the last decade, have both stated they prefer to create. But that doesn’t always mean you have to give up the goals…

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have proven that, with the pair bagging the most assists since 2000 according to Transfermarkt. Luis Suarez hasn’t fared badly either in a solid third-place.

Footballers with the most assists since 2001

1Lionel Messi319862
2Cristiano Ronaldo2581006
3Luis Suarez256713
4Mesut Ozil253653
5Angel Di Maria235695
6Cesc Fabregas234800
7Xavi Hernandez230950
8Franck Ribery227649
9Thomas Muller224667
10Steffen Hofmann201629
11Andrey Arshavin201700
12Kevin De Bruyne200520
13David Silva200754
14Zlatan Ibrahimovic196861
15Arjen Robben193703
17Thierry Henry190716
18Dries Mertens188691
19Dusan Tadic185587
20Andres Iniesta182849
21Eden Hazard181675
22Wayne Rooney179862
24David Beckham176581
25Karim Benzema176740

Ozil, the best assist-maker?

In terms of assists-per-game, Ozil came out on top with an average of 0.39. While De Bruyne, who is 12th on the above list, and Neymar (16th) followed close behind on 0.38.

1Mesut Ozil0.39
3Kevin De Bruyne0.38
4Lionel Messi0.37
5Luis Suarez0.36

Cristiano Ronaldo is the Champions League assist king