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Top 3 attributes that make Cristiano Ronaldo a great

Cristiano Ronaldo, family
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The Portugal captain is slated to go down in footballing folklore as one of the best to grace a pitch but what are the reasons that give him such a status?

Cristiano Ronaldo was a household name even before he set foot on the pitch for the first time. He was replacing David Beckham at Old Trafford, and say whatever you want to about Golden Balls, his fame transcended football.

Ronaldo was exciting to watch but he was imperfect. Nowhere near as devastating as he is today. It was only after 2005/06 season that he became the juggernaut that earned him a place on Ballon d’Or podium.

But what makes him so great. Talent is there, it was his talent that made Rio Ferdinand plead with Sir Alex to purchase his contract. But there is more to him. Today, we discuss 3 attributes that make Cristiano Ronaldo the great player he is.

Nutrition and physical conditioning

Following his 2017/18 Champions League win with Real Madrid and prior to the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, it was revealed that he has the physical condition of a 23-year-old. Ronaldo was 33 years then.

And now, at the age of 35, he continues to score goals like a teenager. He sprints like one and has left many a defender in his trail. This is all thanks to his strict nutrition and attention to detail in the gym.

Hard work and work ethic

Ronaldo not only works hard in the gym; this is how he transformed his career. It is said that Paul Scholes liked to come in early and leave late. The Portuguese teenager put him to shame with his work ethic.

He was praised similarly at Madrid and now in Turin. Giorgio Chillini was one of the first in Italy to come out and say this. Even Paulo Dybala, who plays with Lionel Messi with Argentina, believes Ronaldo brings extra energy.

Always to looking to improve

Off the pitch as well, Ronaldo is always thinking football. And this has allowed him to reach the status he has. He is relentless in his approach to the game. from starting as a right midfielder to a right forward to false nine and a poacher/finisher, Ronaldo has not sat still and evolved over the years.

While his biggest rival, Messi, has stayed in comforts of Barcelona, the Madeiran has travelled extensively. He likes challenges and this is what makes Cristiano Ronaldo the great phenomenon he is.