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Top 5 achievements in Cristiano Ronaldo’s pro career

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After receiving his latest award, we go through Cristiano Ronaldo’s Top 5 achievements in his professional career so far.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s professional career has reached heights that nobody ever expected, he has done some unique achievements during his run.

The Portuguese forward received the Marca Legend Award on Monday, he got it with a wide smile on his face and in front of several members of the media.

In the ceremony were also Florentino Perez and Jorge Mendes, who always supported the Portuguese player during his career.

Cristiano has achieved many things that are worth mentioning in a list, which is why we decided to talk about his Top 5 biggest achievements.

We decided to combine his collective and individual success in a single article.

Please feel free to add any achievement that we may have missed including on the list, do it in the comment section down below.