Top 5 all-time World Cup goal-scorers in football history

It’s time to update the list of the all-time top scorers in the history of FIFA World Cup, we have a new leader on this Top 5 list and it’s someone unexpected.

After Brazil’s 1-0 victory vs Italy in the Women’s World Cup this Tuesday, Marta just surpassed the all-time goal-scorers record in football history for any gender.

The legendary female star needed only one goal to surpass the leader in the table, something that was bound to happen during this competition in the group stage.

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Marta had her chance during the second half after Brazil got awarded a penalty, she didn’t miss the opportunity and she became an even greater phenomenon than she already was.

This new milestone deserves to get a list of the all-time top-scorers in World Cup history, a list where we actually have two women.


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