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Top 5 Arsenal players who should leave next summer

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It’s not just the manager’s problem, we give you the Top 5 Arsenal player who should consider leaving the club next summer. 

We are utterly convinced that the Arsenal players are also to blame for the team’s negative results, we have a Top 5 list of the ones who should leave.

The latest 2-2 draw they got was more of the same from the Gunners.

This game only proved that many of the players are also to blame for this situation, we need to talk about the ones who don’t deserve to stay.

These players need to leave the institution in order to make some room for new players.

It is evident that the recent results suggest that most of Arsenal’s defensive players need to be replaced.

There are also a few offensive players who are no longer important for the club.

And we also have a few names that simply hurt the club’s image. We give you, the Top 5 Arsenal players who should leave the club next summer.