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Top 5 Barcelona players to watch in the Champions League

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With the Champions League about to start, we need to start talking about the Top 5 Barcelona players to watch in the competition.

The UEFA Champions League is about to start next week for FC Barcelona, they will likely not have their biggest player but we still need to talk about their Top 5.

This season will be incredibly stressful for the Catalan club, they have been under pressure to win the competition for the last four years.

Every year is the same deal, they start really strong and even reach a high stage of the competition.

The problem is when they play away matches against a competitive club from the rest of Europe, they crumble down like a house of cards.

The fans are getting tired of this gimmick, which is why we need to talk about a Top 5 of specific players who will be under the microscope.

We won’t talk about the ones who could only perform well, but also about the ones who could make the biggest mistakes along the way.