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Top 5 Barcelona players who left and eventually returned

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It is time to talk about the Top 5 FC Barcelona players who left the club but eventually made a comeback. A new list for you.

Given how hot the subject is about Neymar making a return to FC Barcelona, we decided to talk about the cases of other players who did the exact same thing.

These players were actually part of the Catalan club either as youths or recently arrived transfers, all of them had to leave for a specific reason and eventually returned.

In some cases, these footballers came back to succeed at the club they loved the most.

However, there are also some specific situations in which these players had to leave again because they simply didn’t click with the club’s dynamic.

Neymar could go through this fate if he decided to return to the Catalan club, we wonder where would he end up if he did.

This is why we give you the Top 5 Barcelona players who left and eventually returned.