Top 5 best Champions League comebacks this season

Time to discuss the most memorable comebacks in this Champions League edition, we have decided to pick a Top 5 of the best matches.

We’ve already established that this Champions League has been the most epic in history, this edition has given us some of the most memorable comebacks ever.

There have been so many great matches throughout the whole tournament, that we even decided to create a Top 5 list of the most epic comebacks of the whole competition.

Erling Haaland

Haaland’s dad hopes United can make a move for his son

Erling Haaland has had a great week after scoring three goals in the UEFA Champions League debut for Red Bull Salzburg on Tuesday.

Although we know the final is yet to be played on June the 1st, we still believe this list is already worthy of a long conversation.

If you don’t agree with our list, we encourage you to talk about your favorite comeback of the current Champions League season.

All we ask is for you to remain civil in the conversation down in the comment section.


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