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Top 5 best Cristiano Ronaldo moments in the last decade

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Now that the ‘2010s decade is about the end, we take a look at Ronaldo’s most important moments during his time as a professional. 

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the few players who has remained consistent throughout the last decade, here are his Top 5 best moments.

We have seen pretty much everything from Ronaldo during this time, he has given us so much with his goals.

We decided to make a recount of the most important moments of Ronaldo’s last 10 years as a footballer.

This time has been arguably the most important in football history due to his rivalry with Leo Messi.

During this time, Cristiano has been the one who took arguably the most victories and he did it in a major way.

We take a look at the Top 5 moments of Ronaldo’s last decade. 

5.- Winning his fifth Ballon d’Or. 

There came a moment in which Cristiano Ronaldo was starting to get tired of watching Messi win all the Ballon d’Or trophies.

The Argentine won four consecutive awards between 2009 and 2012.

Cristiano kept working hard despite this frustration and he finally got what he wanted in 2013.

But the most satisfying moment for him came in 2017, which was when he matches Leo’s awards.

He doesn’t say it that much, but his rivalry with Messi is what motivates him the most. 

4.- Winning four UEFA Champions League titles with Real Madrid.

This was very similar to the competition with Messi, they actually came hand in hand.

Ronaldo was part of the Real Madrid squad that was trying to dethrone Leo’s FC Barcelona.

This moment finally came in 2014, and the squad didn’t stop after that. In total, Cristiano won four UEFA Champions League titles in five years.

Three of those wins were consecutive, something that no other club did before in the modern era. 

3.- Signing for Juventus.

This was arguably one of the most shocking moments of the decade in general, Ronaldo posing with a Juventus jersey.

That image was truly hurtful to all Real Madrid supporters who believed he would retire at the club.

But Cristiano is a competitive animal, he wanted to find a new challenge that would motivate him.

After winning everything with Real Madrid, it was normal that he would want to play for a new club.

Juventus made an offer, and Los Blancos had no other choice but to accept it. 

2.- That overhead kick goal against Juventus.

This is arguably the reason Cristiano Ronaldo fancied playing for Juventus at a certain point.

The gut reaction from the fans after he scored that beautiful goal is the reason footballers dream of becoming professionals.

There is no better feeling than getting a standing ovation from the fans that cheer the rival team in their own stadium.

Very few players in the past have managed to get this reaction, and Cristiano is one of a select list.  

1.- Winning silverware with Portugal. 

For Ronaldo and any other footballer, winning a major trophy with your country is what it’s all about.

This is what sets Cristiano apart from Messi for a lot of people. The fact that he was able to win an international title meant the world to him.

He did it first in 2016 during the Euros in France. He then repeated the achievement in 2019 with the UEFA Nations League.

Cristiano is the reason Portugal is considered one of the best national teams in football history, and always a title contender. 

What’s your favorite Cristiano Ronaldo moment from the last decade? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.