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Top 5 best dribblers of the last decade in world football

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It’s time to discuss the Top 5 best dribblers of the ball during the last decade in world football. The most skilled players out there. 

Footballers who are dribblers tend to be amongst the ones who get the most recognition in football, we have another Top 5 list for you.

These players are the ones who perform the greatest flicks and tricks that one could imagine in a reduced space.

Dribbling the ball against one or several opponents is one of the most exciting skills to watch in football.

We decided to make our own Top 5 list of the best players who performed this skill during the last decade.

We decided to not include younger players such as Jadon Sancho or Kylian Mbappe because they are still young.

However, we have a feeling they will part of the next decade’s list of the best dribblers out there.