Top 5 best foreign midfielders in Premier League history

As a follow-up to the best foreign footballers in Premier League history, it’s time to talk about the very best midfielders who came from abroad.

As we already spoke thoroughly about the best forward/striker foreign players in Premier League history, it’s a perfect opportunity to talk about the best midfielders in the competition that came from abroad.

We are going to discuss the midfield players who made a massive impact in English football during their time in the country, we are only discussing the ones who played in the tournament since the new format began during the early ’90s.

Pep Guardiola praises Rodri

The 23-year-old played for the first time with the English Premier League team as they prepare for the 2019-2020 season.

For this list, it really doesn’t matter if the midfielder had offensive or defensive capabilities, only the impact they had in their squad when they played in English football.

We are giving you a Top 5 list of the best foreign midfielders in the competition’s history, but feel free to add any names you believe deserve a spot on this list.


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