Top 5 best foreign wingers in Premier League history

As a continuation of our Top 5 lists of best foreign Premier League players of all time, we move on to the top wingers who ever played in England.

We’ve already done a Premier League Top 5 list of overall footballers and strikers who weren’t born in England, but now we have to move to perhaps the most exciting list of all: the foreign wingers.

You obviously noticed how we purposely left players like Eden Hazard or Cristiano Ronaldo out of the forwards’ category, mainly because we believe that the winger position should have its own list due to how many amazing players we’ve had in the competition’s history who weren’t born in England.

Jordan Henderson

Quiz – Another Jordan Henderson quiz!

It’s fair to say that Jordan Henderson will be celebrating his 29th birthday today with plenty of gusto.

We have to say that we believe it’s a little bit soon to include Riyad Mahrez in this category because he still needs to succeed with a major squad in the Premier League, something that he still hasn’t done at Manchester City.

But without further ado, we give you the Top 5 best foreign wingers in Premier League history.