Top 5 best goalkeepers in football history

With Gordon Banks passing away, we need to discuss who the Top 5 best goalkeepers in football history are, the Englishman makes the list.

Football history has gifted us with some of the most incredible goalkeepers ever, they have been sprinkled throughout all the generations and presented themselves to the world with some of the most heroic saves against the best-attacking players in history.

Sarri hails ‘born fighter’ Buffon after Juventus’ shoot-out win

Maurizio Sarri praised Gianluigi Buffon after the goalkeeper starred in Juventus' penalty shoot-out victory over Inter Milan and defended Matthijs de Ligt's own goal.

Gordon Banks passing away is one of the best moments we can think of to make a Top 5 list of the best goalkeepers who ever lived, the ones we included on this list are the ones we believe deserve a spot but you can obviously disagree with our selection.

Banks makes the list because he truly was one of the best of all time, the one who stopped that header from Pele during the 1970 World Cup celebrated in Mexico. So here we go!


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