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Top 5 best National Teams in European football right now

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With the UEFA EURO 2020 qualifiers underway, it’s a perfect time to talk about the Top 5 most competitive national teams in European football.

It’s been more than seven months since the last World Cup ended with France as the champion, we saw the glimpse of what we can expect from European football’s best national teams for the next decade.

The semifinals were plagued with squads from the old continent, which confirmed that the national teams from the American continent are currently going through a crisis.

This has opened the way for several European squads that have completely taken over the world, the EURO 2020 will bring us a very competitive tournament in which we believe are five specific teams that will compete for the trophy.

You may notice the absence of historic teams such as Italy, Portugal, or Germany, all of which are currently under renovation and didn’t make the cut. We give you, the Top 5 most competitive European National Teams at the moment.