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Top 5 biggest international attacking trios in football history

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It’s time for us to take a look at the Top 5 most competitive international attacking trios in football history, another top list for you.

After making the Top 5 attacking trios in history at club level possible, this time we look at the international ones that have dominated football through time.

The most important aspect of his ruling is the fact that these trios made a lasting impact in the world of football, especially in major tournaments with their national teams.

We don’t feel the need to only include forwards on our lists, mainly because we also need to give credit to attacking midfielders.

You may notice that we won’t include Germany on this list for a simple reason, they never had a compelling attacking trio throughout their history.

However, Brazil does have several offensive players who are worth mentioning on our list. We give you, the Top 5 international attacking trios in football history.