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Top 5 biggest Premier League exits of the summer so far

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Let us talk in detail about the Top 5 Premier League exits so far in the summer transfer window, the players who left English football.

The Premier League is not usually a competition in which players seek exits out of the country, but there are some cases where this is completely valid.

English football has been at the top of the food chain for the majority of history, this is where the sport was created and this is where the best players in the world want to play.

However, there are cases in which players make the complicated decision to leave the tournament because they believe they can find a better experience in a new competition.

In some cases, these decisions mean they want to try a different but equally competitive experience in either Germany, Italy, France, or Spain, which are the top leagues in European football at the moment.

However, England is right up there among the best. We give you, the Top 5 Premier League exits in the summer transfer window so far.