Top 5 biggest Serie A exits of the summer transfer window

It is time to talk about the Top 5 Serie A exits of the summer transfer window so far, the players who made the decision to leave Italy.

Serie A is currently going through a dramatic transformation process that we thought was lost, there aren’t many players looking to leave Italy because the old days are starting to come back.

Between the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo, Matthijs de Ligt, and the recent tax cut to professional footballers.

Italy is on the rise right now, this is where the best football will take place over the next five years at least.

Sandro believes Juventus already understands what Sarri wants

According to Alex Sandro, the Italian Lega Serie A side already understands the manager's mentality after one month working together.

That’s why we are not looking at many important exits from the biggest clubs in the country, and many more big arrivals over the last few weeks.

But still, there are some footballers who made the decision to leave during the transfer window.

We will give you a Top 5 of exits from Serie A in the summer so far.


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