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Top 5 biggest Zlatan Ibrahimovic moments in the MLS

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Now that we know Zlatan Ibrahimovic is leaving the US, it’s about time we talked about his Top 5 biggest moments in the MLS.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s time in the MLS was short but sweet, the man didn’t win the MLS Cup but he left a lasting impression in all soccer fans.

To those of you who didn’t follow his journey in football from the United States, we will talk about the biggest highlights he had from the first moment he stepped foot in Los Angeles.

LA Galaxy will forever remember Ibrahimovic as one of the best players they had on their roster, and certainly one of the best in the club’s history.

We will talk about the most memorable impressions he left both on and off the pitch, which were many.

We give you, the Top 5 biggest Zlatan Ibrahimovic moments in the MLS.