Top 5 Brazil players to watch during Copa America

4.- Arthur Melo

Top 5 Ligue 1 transfers so far during the summer window

It's time to talk about the Top 5 Ligue 1 transfers that have been completed so far in the summer transfer window, we'll tell...

The FC Barcelona midfielder is considered one of the biggest hopes that Brazil has to practice ‘Jogo’ Bonito’ over the next decade.

He already proved what he can do during his first season at FC Barcelona, but he suffered a few injuries that kept him out of the game for a few matches.

Arthur a type of player who is considered a dying breed, the creative midfielder who doesn’t appear very often in Brazil anymore.

Neymar will be one of the players who can benefit the most from what Arthur can do on the pitch.

His presence will help the players up front to avoid going down too deep into midfield and focus on the attack.


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