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Top 5 Bundesliga players of the last decade in football

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As a new decade is almost over, we feel the need to take a look at the most influential players of the Bundesliga’s last 10 years. 

The Bundesliga has been growing over the last decade without even blinking, we want to talk about the Top 5 players from this era.

German football has never been at the very top amongst the best leagues in Europe, but they got considerably better during this time.

There have been several footballers who decided to make their careers in this country, even though they had offers from other clubs.

We believe that these players made the competition one of the Top 3 in the world during a period of time.

We are also convinced that some of these players helped Germany win the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

We give you, the Top 5 most influential players of the last 10 years.