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Top 5 career-defining moments for Bastian Schweinsteiger

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In a way of honoring Bastian Schweinsteiger’s retirement, we need to talk about the German’s Top 5 career-defining moments.

As you all know, Bastian Schweinsteiger just announced his retirement and this gave us an excuse to talk about his Top 5 career-defining moments.

The German star had a roller coaster of a life, he didn’t even start his adventure as a central midfielder.

While he did complete his better years at the highest level in German football, Bastian decided to go on an adventure when he was still a veteran.

This career path took him to England, and then the United States of America. However, we will only go through the Top 5 most important moments of Schweinsteiger’s incredible career.

This is truly one of the most successful German players in modern history, we honor him with this top list.