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Top 5 Champions as players and managers in football history

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We give you a prestigious list of Champions who won the biggest trophies in football both as players and as managers.

We go to the history vault to talk about a feat that very few people in football have been able to accomplish, a list of champions that won big trophies both as players and also as managers throughout their careers. With Raul Gonzalez Blanco taking on a managerial career this week for Real Madrid’s youth academy, we couldn’t help but think about the successful managers in football history who also won big trophies during their careers. The Spaniard can certainly be a part of this list if his manager career goes according to plan, he already won three Champions League trophies during his spell at Real Madrid and became one of the most venerated Spanish footballers of all time. We give you a Top 5 list of champions both as players and managers in football history.

1.- Mario Zagallo.

The man who takes the top of this prestigious list is Brazil legend Mario Zagallo, a National Team Hall of Famer who won the World Cups of 1958 and 1962 as a player. After he retired, Zagallo became Brazil’s manager for the 1970 World Cup and also won the trophy in what many remember as the greatest National Team of all time. But Zagallo’s love story with the World Cup was far from over, he later won the trophy again as Carlos Alberto Parreira’s assistant manager in the 1994 edition of the tournament and then he reached 1998’s final as the boss of a team that lost the match against France. The man was present in four out of the five Brazil World Cup victories, as well as one more final throughout his illustrious career.

2.- Johan Cruyff and Zinedine Zidane.

On this part of the list we oddly have a draw, we decided to do it like this because of the miscellaneous details of these two football legends. First of all, we begin with Johan Cruyff who as a player won three consecutive European Cups between 1070 and 1073 playing for Ajax. Decades later after he began his career as a manager, Cruyff went on to win FC Barcelona’s first ever Champions League at Wembley Stadium in the final against Sampdoria. We include Zidane at number 2 on this list because he won the Champions League as a player at 2002’s final played in Glasgow against Bayer Leverkusen, and he just recently won his third consecutive Champions League trophy as a manager. Do you see the connection here?

3.- Franz Beckenbauer.

We move on to Germany to one of the biggest careers in football history, Bayern Munchen’s prodigal son started his incredible career by winning the 1974 World Cup as the tournament’s host nation. Then as a manager, ‘Der Kaiser’ was able to take the German National Team to win the 1990 World Cup celebrated in Italy. What could’ve sent him straight to the number one spot on this list, is if he won the Champions League as a manager when he coached Bayern in the nineties. As a player, Beckenbauer he also won three straight European Cups between 1973 and 1976, but with his beloved club, he was only able to win the UEFA Cup in 1996.

4.- Carlo Ancelotti.

Carletto is also amongst the most successful figures in football history both as a player and a manager, he was part of that legendary AC Milan side that won two straight European Cups before they were known as the Champions League. As a manager in the early 2000’s moving forward, Ancelotti returned to coach his home club and won the Champions League editions of 2003-2004, as well as the one from 2006-2007. In between those two victories, Ancelotti missed the chance of winning another Champions League as a manager after losing the final against Liverpool in one of the most memorable matches this competition has ever seen. But that’s not all, Carlo Ancelotti also won the historic and elusive 10th European Cup for Real Madrid back in 2014, making him one of the few managers who have won this trophy three times.

5.- Pep Guardiola.

Following up on this already powerful list of former players who also managed, we got Pep Guardiola who won Barcelona’s first ever Champions League trophy as a player back in 1992. After he retired from football, Pep decided to become a manager and won a historic treble for Barcelona in the 2008-2009 season, he also won a second Champions League trophy two years later with the same club. Pep is actively looking to win his third Champions League as a manager, which is a challenge that he will attempt again this season as the Manchester City boss.

Which other successful managers that also won big trophies as players do you remember? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.