Top 5 Champions League matches in the Round of 16

Let’s take a look at the Top 5 Champions League matches from the Round of 16 that will begin tomorrow, we have four this week and four on the next.

We can finally say that the Champions League is back this week, the competition everybody loves and will continue with the Round of 16 starting Tuesday.

There are a total of eight matches that are sprinkled between this week and the next one, we have two matches for tomorrow, another two for next Wednesday.

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Then we are going to have another two matches for next week’s Tuesday and another two for next week’s Wednesday.

But out of these eight pairings, we believe there are five worth taking a look at above the rest.

Let us take you through the Top 5 Champions League matches that are happening this week in the Round of 16, we will go from least exciting to most exciting.


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