Top 5 Chelsea players to watch in this Premier League

Ahead of a brand new Premier League season, we need to talk about the Top 5 Chelsea players to watch during the whole year.

Chelsea is about to start a new Premier League season with many difficulties, this makes talking about the Top 5 players to watch quite important.

With manager Frank Lampard at the helm of this project, the Blues are about to embark in a very demanding competition that will give them no quarter.

Paul Pogba, Manchester United, Premier League

Moyes believes Pogba is still “the best midfielder”

Paul Pogba has been suffering at Manchester United lately, but according to former Red Devils coach David Moyes, the Frenchman is still one of the best.

We need to discuss the players that they do have, this transfer ban they suffered will push these players to limits they didn’t know they had.

We can’t forget that minus Eden Hazard, this is the same club that recently won the Premier League under manager Antonio Conte.

Let’s discuss the most important players to watch this season for Chelsea FC, the English Premier League has begun!


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