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Top 5 Chelsea players who will shine under Frank Lampard

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Now that Frank Lampard possibly coaching Chelsea is a reality, it’s time to talk about the Blues’ players who would shine under the manager.

It’s safe to say that Frank Lampard is a great option to take control of Chelsea FC next season, we can’t help but think about the player who would shine under him.

As a bonified Blues’ legend, Frankie knows exactly what his beloved club needs in order to succeed and he already has an idea of which players could help him achieve success.

As we all know, Chelsea will go a full year without signing any new players due to the transfer ban imposed by UEFA.

This gives the English manager a good chance to test the players he already has and try to get the best out of them.

The club will have to be patient with Lampard during his first season, but we believe he can complete a good season if he gets the job.

We will talk about the Top 5 Chelsea players who could shine under manager Frank Lampard next season.