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Top 5 clubs where Messi could play if he leaves Barcelona

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With Lionel Messi’s possible exit next season, we need to talk about the Top 5 clubs where he could actually play if he leaves Barcelona.

Before you start talking back at us for doing this, we need to let you know that we don’t believe Lionel Messi will actually leave FC Barcelona.

The Argentine player’s intention is to retire with the Catalan club, this is where he has won every single title he has and Barcelona is the ideal place for him to live.

With that said, it is very strange to know that Messi is actually planning on at least getting his chance to leave the institution.

President Josep Maria Bartomeu compared him to other great legends who also left without leaving any money to the club, but Lionel Messi is a very different case compared to the rest.

His possible exit next season has pushed us to start speculating about his next destination, we came up with a Top 5 list of clubs where he could play next season if he leaves.

Let us know if you have any other clubs in mind that can be included on this list, we encourage you to do it in the comment section down below.