Top 5 clubs where Messi could play if he leaves Barcelona

1.- Newell’s Old Boys

This is by far the most logical option for Lionel Messi to continue his career as a veteran, he has stated several times that he would love to play for Newell’s in the future.

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Many things would need to happen if he actually made this decision, Messi won’t go there if he doesn’t think that the project is good enough.

The Barcelona star would obviously love to make this happen, but he also loves the idea of competing for many trophies if he went back to South American football.

Going back to Newell’s is a goal that would please his late grandmother, the same person he points towards after scoring every single goal throughout his career.

Where would you like to watch Lionel Messi play during the final years of his career? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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