Top 5 clubs with the most complete rosters in Europe

Now that we don’t have to worry about the transfer market anymore, we can talk about the Top 5 clubs with the best rosters in Europe.

We were only waiting for the summer transfer window to be completely over, this will give us a chance to talk about the Top 5 clubs with the most complete rosters in Europe.

Some of the squads on this list might surprise you all, we didn’t think they would make the cut because we thought they would sell some of their best players to the highest bidders.

There will also be some very interesting absentees from this list, Real Madrid might be the squad that you expected to make the Top 5 but they might not even make the Top 10.

Xherdan Shaqiri, Liverpool

Xherdan Shaqiri feeling ‘downbeat’ on Liverpool struggles

Xherdan Shaqiri admits his struggles for regular game time at Liverpool this season haven't been easy for him to deal with.

Los Blancos didn’t finish their roster as Zinedine Zidane would’ve wanted, which makes them a disappointment in the summer transfer window.

Other clubs such as Bayern Munich are still in a reconstruction period, which is why they also didn’t make the list.

We will only talk about the clubs that we consider have the most competitive rosters in European football this season. Get ready!


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