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Top 5 competitions for Luis Suarez after FC Barcelona

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As Luis Suarez considers a different path in his veteran career, we need to talk about his Top 5 competitions after Barcelona. 

Luis Suarez just revealed that he might leave FC Barcelona in the near future, which gives us the opportunity to talk about the Top 5 competitions for him to play next.

The Uruguay international is one of the rarest breeds of players, the Super Striker kind who will get to score the incredible sum of 500 career goals.

There is only a handful of players in history who managed to reach this milestone, three of them are still active next to Luis Suarez and they are all veterans.

It is only natural that we thought about the most ideal competitions for Luis Suarez to continue his career after FC Barcelona.

There are several options he could choose from, but only five of them seem more appealing than the rest.

We will go through the Top 5 destinations for Suarez, but we’ll stick to competitions rather than clubs.