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Top 5 Cristiano Ronaldo memorable El Clasico moments

Cristiano Ronaldo, El Clasico
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Ahead of next Sunday’s El Clasico, we take a look at the Top 5 Cristiano Ronaldo memorable moments against FC Barcelona. 

Now that Cristiano Ronaldo no longer plays El Clasico, we still love to remember his presence in that historic game. The Portuguese forward brought a level of prestige to the most important football match in Spanish football.

There were many times in which he was the center of attention next to Leo Messi. Real Madrid supporters can say whatever they want about him leaving. But they would lie to themselves if they said they don’t miss the Portuguese star.

Everybody misses Cristiano wearing the Real Madrid jersey and destroying FC Barcelona. We will talk about the Top 5 memorable moments of Cristiano Ronaldo during El Clasico. One of these entries will be a negative one. The rest will be positive. 

5.- Ronaldo pushes Pep Guardiola. 

This one happened during the peak of the Mourinho vs Guardiola rivalry. Before the former Real Madrid coach came to manage Los Blancos, Cristiano had a healthy sports rivalry with Leo Messi.

However, there was a time when the Portuguese star got fed-up with losing so much against Pep’s team. There was a moment during the La Liga El Clasico from 2009-10 when he pushed Guardiola on the sidelines.

This obviously sparked a reaction from all the Barcelona players that nearly got to a point of no return. 

4.- Making Pique his servant.

Due to their past as teammates at Manchester United, Pique and Ronaldo have special history as rivals. When the two met during El Clasico, Gerard had the initial advantage.

However, Pique knew it was only a matter of time before he started suffering Ronaldo’s wrath. Whether it was a lob over his head or a nasty dribble.

Cristiano made Pique his bitch during the final confrontations the two had. If you ask him, the Catalan player will tell you that Cristiano was the fiercest rival he ever faced. 

3.- The Copa del Rey header.

The first title that Cristiano Ronaldo won for Real Madrid came with a potent trademark header against FC Barcelona. It happened during the 2009-10 Copa del Rey Final in Mestalla.

Angel Di Maria provided an unreal assist to Ronaldo that evening. His elevation was too much to handle for Carles Puyol.

This goal remains as one of the most beautiful headers that this man ever scored as a professional footballer. It just happened to be during El Clasico in a final. 

2.- ‘Calma, calma!’

Apart from the number one pick on our list, this will be one of the most dreadful moments for FC Barcelona fans. The 2011-12 season was the tipping point for Real Madrid under Jose Mourinho’s reign.

Pep Guardiola couldn’t take the rivalry anymore and Ronaldo was the man that gave them the final stockade. It happened during the second La Liga match of the season at Camp Nou.

Ronaldo scored the winning goal that virtually decided the title and provoked the supporters during his celebration with the words: ‘Calm down! I’m right here!’. This was Cristiano Ronaldo at his best. 

1.- The rivalry with Leo Messi.

This is by far, what everybody misses the most out of Ronaldo’s time at Real Madrid. Even Messi himself stated repeatedly that he wishes Cristiano never left Los Blancos due to how fun their rivalry was.

The Juventus player also loved having to play Leo at least twice a year with absolute certainty. But there is no question that the fans from both sides were the ones getting the biggest treat.

We will never see anything like it ever again during El Clasico. The feeling of nostalgia takes over our body when we remember everything that happened during that era. 

Can you think of any other Cristiano Ronaldo moment during El Clasico? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.