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Top 5 Cristiano Ronaldo’s best teammates of his career

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Let us discuss which players have been Cristiano Ronaldo’s best teammates throughout his whole professional career for his club and his country.

We know that Cristiano Ronaldo has been one of the best players in football history, he has enjoyed a plethora of teammates who have made him a better player throughout his career and he wouldn’t dare choosing a single one as his all-time best partner on the attack.

However, we took the time to make a small list of players who we believe have been the ones who understood each other better with Cristiano Ronaldo at the club’s he’s played, and also for the Portugal National Team.

Keep in mind that we are specifically talking about the offensive players who delivered the best results with Cristiano Ronaldo by their side, not about the ones who developed a better friendship with him.

Here is a Top 5 list of Cristiano Ronaldo’s best ever teammates throughout his career.