Top 5 – Departures that broke the Bundesliga record

Like all the big leagues around Europe, the Bundesliga has become accustomed to losing its top talent down the years.

Serie A, La Liga and even the Premier League have had to accept their fate on plenty of occasions and see a top talent depart. The Bundesliga is no different.

Manuel Neuer, Germany, Bayern Munich, Bundesliga

Neuer picks his three best goalkeepers in the world

Germany international stopper, Manuel Neurer believes Alisson, Ederson and Hugo Lloris are the three best in the world.

However, what the German top flight does have is young talent and these days, that means big money.

Leagues across the world are looking at Bundesliga talent and paying big money to sign it. So who are the record departures from the division? We looked at the top five.


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