Top 5 destinations for Antoine Griezmann next summer

2.- Juventus


Messi is who decided Valverde’s future at Barcelona

The Argentine player has been the one who decided that manager Ernesto Valverde should remain at FC Barcelona next season. It had been four years...

The one and the only reason why Antoine Griezmann would entertain the idea of playing for Juventus has a name: Cristiano Ronaldo.

The French player knows how important it would be for him to play with at least one of the two best players in history.

Juventus is already working hard to build the proper team around Ronaldo and Griezmann is a perfect addition to the squad.

Money shouldn’t be a problem as Juventus already proved that they are willing to make the effort for players or Antoine Griezmann’s caliber.

The plan would be to wait until July 1st and then try to lower the transfer fee below €100 million.


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