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Top 5 English players that Beckham’s Inter Miami can sign

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After David Beckham confirmed he is in talks with some English players for his Inter Miami project, we decided to make a Top 5 list of prospects.

David Beckham’s Inter Miami is already starting to take shape, the owner confirmed he is talking to English talent they could possibly sign.

We believe that this MLS new club can definitely bring some great players to the United States, but they would have to be either veterans or relatively young players who don’t have a top-level of performance.

This is the reason we decided to play with the odds a little bit, and start speculating about the Top 5 most exciting options that David Beckham has from the English market.

We only chose five names for this list, but you can add any other player you think could make a great impact on the MLS if they decided to play there. Are you ready?