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Top 5 Ernesto Valverde replacements at FC Barcelona

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With his job already on the line, it’s time to talk about the Top 5 Ernesto Valverde replacements at Football Club Barcelona right now. 

Ernesto Valverde linked two negative results in his last two matches and his job at Barcelona is already on the line.

We need to talk about his Top 5 possible replacements and who is the name that has the better chances to take his job as soon as the Spaniard gets the sack.

We are currently looking at a very similar situation compared to last season, only things are slightly different right now.

Contrary to the years in which AS Roma and Liverpool eliminated Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League, the club’s recent form is coming much earlier than back then.

The board of directors should already have a list of managers who are waiting for Valverde’s dismissal, and they should be preparing for the chance to coach Messi and Co.

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