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Top 5 FC Barcelona’s best signings in history

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We go through FC Barcelona’s most important signings in football history, the players who changed the club’s fate for the better after they arrived.

In a brand new series of football history, we start looking at the signings from the best clubs in European football and we will start with FC Barcelona. The Catalan club has one of the richest histories in the world, they have brought some of the most impressive players from abroad and deserve to get their own special historical account of the best transfers that arrived at the club in the past or recent history. We will look at the most influential players who didn’t necessarily cost little money, we’ll talk about the ones that justified the investment with all the success they brought to the club’s trophy room and the ones that are still fondly remembered today. We give you,the Top 5 best signings in FC Barcelona’s history.

1.- Lionel Messi.

We know that this might technically be considered as cheating, but FC Barcelona made perhaps the best signing in football history with a short Argentine player who was still a small kid and he came to change the history of the Catalan club forever. Messi didn’t really cost Barcelona that much at the time, they only needed to pay for his growth hormone treatment and help him with every expense with his family ever since. Messi already is the most revered player in FC Barcelona’s history, he is the all-time top scorer for the club, for La Liga, the all-time top assist provider for the club and for La Liga. To many even, Lionel Messi is already considered the best football player in history. Not bad for a small kid with growth hormone problems huh?

2.- Ronaldinho Gaucho.

The Brazilian genius with a never-ending smile who came to change FC Barcelona’s fate forever, there is no denying that he arrived during the most obscure moment for the club’s history after a very successful nineties decade and he was the one who started it all for the Catalan club. At only €23 million, his price-tag not appears to be truly cheap considering everything he did for the institution during his time at the club. Granted, Ronaldinho only performed at the top level for three seasons, but the football he gave us all will be remembered forever at the club. Ronaldinho is football for everyone who had the opportunity to watch him play, there is no denying he is the most talented player who’s ever stepped on a football pitch.

3.- Johan Cruyff.

The man responsible for FC Barcelona’s football identity today, he began the revolution back in 1973 when Ajax sold him to the Catalan club for a record €2 million at the time. From the very beginning at the Blaugrana club, it was evident that Johan Cruyff was one of the most special talents that Spanish football had ever seen and they had no idea that a couple decades later, this same player would be lifting the first European Cup in the club’s history by playing a very specific style of football. Those €2 million the club paid for Johan, is without question the most significant investment the Catalan club ever made throughout their history. Cruyff is the one who transformed FC Barcelona from the very start, only he didn’t know about it when he was a player.

4.- Luis Suarez.

The Uruguay international hasn’t been at the club for a long time but there is no doubt that his arrival has been one of the most significant in the club’s recent history, as he has managed to score over 150 goals and more than 50 assists in a little over than 200 matches played in all competitions. But most important of all, Luis Suarez has formed one of the most prolific partnerships with Lionel Messi throughout the years they have been together at Barcelona. Back in 2015, the pair alongside Neymar, won a historic treble with Luis Suarez offering a fantastic performance in every single competition he played for the club. Suarez has been a key man in pretty much every single club’s he’s ever played, he did it at Ajax during his time at the Eredivisie, he did it at Liverpool when he played in the Premier League, and now he does it at Barcelona week after week.

5.- Daniel Alves.

Another one of those transfers who has always worked in every club he’s ever played, Dani Alves built the best moments of his career with Barcelona after coming to the Catalan club in the summer of 2008 for €35 million. The Brazilian right-back instantly formed a prolific society with Lionel Messi on the right wing and won a staggering 23 titles with the Spanish giants. Dani Alves is also the player with the most trophies any footballer has ever won in history, he recently surpassed Ryan Giggs’ 36 trophies with the four he won playing for PSG last season leaving him with 38 conquers. Alves is still playing at the age of 35, but the end of his career seems near.


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