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Top 5 football legends who retired after 35 years of age

Pele, Johan Cruyff, Diego Maradona

With Messi and Ronaldo’s retirement pending, we talk about the Top 5 football legends who retired after the age of 35 years. 

Football legends tend to retire when they are well into their veteran years, we have a Top 5 list of the ones who retired after they were 35 years old.

Lionel Messi’s most recent acceptance speech was an eye-opener for everybody.

We are all starting to realize that both he and Cristiano Ronaldo are entering that final stage of their careers.

This got us thinking about other football legends, the ones who are amongst the best in history.

Not all of them retired too old, but most decided they wanted to keep playing after the 35-year-old barrier.

We will talk about the Top 5 who hung up their boots after that age, from youngest to oldest.

Please tell us what you will feel when Messi and Ronaldo finally call it quits.