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Top 5 football stars who succeeded as TV pundits

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Let us discuss the Top 5 football stars or legends who have found success by taking a job as pundits or analysts on various media outlets.

For a football star when the time to retire comes, there are several paths they can take to continue their careers and one of them is to become a TV pundit for a major network.

In football history, there have been many former players who have decided to take this route, but only a selected group gets to succeed in the craft because a media career is not easy to obtain for anybody.

There is a general idea that many former players decide to become pundits because they weren’t talented enough to manage professionally, but there are many of them who actually love the craft and have very enigmatic media personalities.

We will talk about the Top 5 football stars or legends who made it as pundits, the ones who are successful today in modern football.