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Top 5 footballers of the Champions League semifinals

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After a thrilling Champions League semifinals series, it’s time to talk about the Top 5 best footballers of this stage in the competition.

The Champions League semifinals had several great players who deserve to be included in a list of the best, we’ll do a Top 5 list of the most important.

Out of the two semifinals that we experienced in the competition, we have to talk about a combination of the two legs and come up with a list of the best players.

It’s obvious that we will pick players from the clubs that made it to the final, there were some good performances from the losing side but they don’t deserve a spot on this list.

We are pretty much certain that you may not agree with all the names from this list of players or the accommodation.

We encourage you to mention where you would place the names in the comment section down below. Please try to remain civil in the conversation through healthy debating.