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Top 5 footballers who played for both Inter and Barcelona

21 Sep 1997: Ronaldo of Inter Milan in action during the Serie A match against Fiorentina at the San Siro Stadium in Milan, Italy. Mandatory Credit: Allsport UK /Allsport

As we go through the first of two games between Inter and Barcelona, we look at the Top 5 players who defended both clubs.

There is a very specific historical relationship that Barcelona and Inter share, we need to talk about the Top 5 footballers who played for both clubs.

As part of our many lists that we do, perhaps this one will be one of the most prestigious due to the level of players it contains.

Internazionale Milano and FC Barcelona have some of the best footballers in history, some of them even make the Top 10 of all-time.

We will give you specific details about their time for both clubs and how successful their time was when they played for each.

We know there are more players who performed for Inter and Barcelona, but we’ll pick only the ones whom we consider the most successful.

Please feel free to add any player you believe deserves a spot on this list. We give you, the Top 5 footballers who played for both Inter and Barcelona.