It’s time to bring you a new series with a little bit of football history, we give you the Top 5 generational talents in Brazilian football.

Today is a perfect day to start a new series at, this one will consist of talking about the Top 5 generational talents by country and we will start with Brazilian football.

As one of the nations where the highest number of talented players concentrate, choosing these five players was incredibly difficult.

However, we believe that we could come up with a list of the best player from each generation that we deem important for Brazil.

Kaka, Neymar, Brazil, PSGvideo

Referee gives a yellow card to Kaka to get a selfie with him

In a bizarre turn of events, a female referee stops play to take selfie with Kaka   A match was recently played between Israel legends and...

Being one of the most offensive countries in football history, it was only natural that we picked only offensive players to create this list.

This won’t be the same case with other countries, as each nation has its own historical characteristics.

We bring you, the Top 5 generational talents in Brazilian football history.


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