Moving on to Germany, we take a look at the Top 5 generational talents from that Arian country throughout football history.

Moving along with our series, we now talk about the Top 5 generational talents in Germany’s vast football history.

There have been several generations that are considered successful in German football, the first major one came during the ’70s decade.

These European players were always amongst the most pragmatic and disciplined who ever existed in sports, which is why finding defenders will be more common for this list.


Best Germany XI of all-time

Time to talk about Germany's all-time greatest line-up ahead of Tuesday's Euro 2020 qualifier in our latest Best XI series.

During the long history, Germany was divided between the West and the East due to the problems after World War II.

This is the reason we don’t really know about the best players they had until the seventies, but they never stopped producing incredible players after that.

We bring you, the Top 5 generational talents in Germany’s football history.


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