Top 5 goalkeepers the Serie A has ever seen

It is time to present you our list of top 5 goalkeepers that have played in the Serie A throughout the years.


The Serie A has seen a lot of legendary goalkeepers on the goal of legendary teams over the years. The league has reached its peak through the 90s and the Italian teams have produced goalies that will always have a big part in the Serie A’s history.

Marotta confirms Inter is hunting for two strikers

Inter Milan president, Beppe Marotta, has admitted his club needs more elements in the attack for the 2019-2020 Serie A season.

Of course, it is never easy to make a list like this, because there are so many candidates to make the top 5.

We picked goalkeepers that were at least 10 seasons with Seria A clubs and left a big mark on Italian and European football.

Four out of five goalies that made the list are Italian, as the national football team of Italy has had a lot of legendary players that kept its net empty. The fifth one is from… well, you will find out in a minute.


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