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Top 5 greatest Premier League midfielders

Premier League
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Time to talk about the top 5 of the greatest midfielders in history to have graced the Premier League.

Midfielders are the players who pull the strings in games. They’re at the center of both attacking and defensive operations, generally cover the most distance and hold more possession of the ball compared to the others.

For many Premier League teams, a midfielder can be the deciding factor in winning and losing.

Therefore, it’s always been a top priority for English teams to have the best midfielders in their ranks. And, given the competitive nature of Premier League football, it’s never been much of a problem getting them.

There have been some incredible players down the years for the likes of Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool. It made our task of choosing a top 5 list a tricky one, but we gave it our best shot, anyway.

So, without further ado, we give you the top 5 greatest midfielders in Premier League history.