3.- Xavi Hernandez 1.7 meters

Top 5 Bundesliga stars that are not useful to their club

Let's analyze the Top 5 Bundesliga stars who are no longer useful to their respective clubs, the ones who need to leave ASAP.  The Bundesliga...

The second of the two greatest Spanish players of all time, Xavi Hernandez never needed the stature to prove that he could play gorgeous football.

This man had an incredible u-turn that the opponents dreaded every time it happened, his passing skills were off the charts and he took Spain’s game to a whole new level.

Xavi is the reason the term Tiki-Taka even exists, we are talking about the biggest pipe dream of a player that Johan Cruyff had when he started imagining his concepts as a manager.

There is nobody who would dare say that Xavi isn’t one of the best midfielders in history.


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