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Top 5 highest-paid footballers in the world during 2020

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French journal L’Equipe just released a list of the highest-paid players in the world, we have the Top 5 best earners in 2020. 

We recently published a list of the highest-paid players in the world during 2019, but we have a new Top 5 list with only their club salary. Some of these players took a giant hit on their paycheck because they didn’t meet the goals they agreed with their clubs.

Others are earning top money for meeting all the demands, we will talk about each of the five most important cases. Keep in mind that the Top 10 list is completed by players such as Eden Hazard, Gareth Bale, Kylian Mbappe, David De Gea, and Robert Lewandowski.

However, we decided to bring you only the Top 5 salaries from this list. We also need to note that the wages are monthly and before tax for each player. We took the liberty of doing all the math in order to give you the yearly salary of each individual.