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Top 5 highest-paid footballers in the world during 2020

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French journal L’Equipe just released a list of the highest-paid players in the world, we have the Top 5 best earners in 2020. 

We recently published a list of the highest-paid players in the world during 2019, but we have a new Top 5 list with only their club salary. Some of these players took a giant hit on their paycheck because they didn’t meet the goals they agreed with their clubs.

Others are earning top money for meeting all the demands, we will talk about each of the five most important cases. Keep in mind that the Top 10 list is completed by players such as Eden Hazard, Gareth Bale, Kylian Mbappe, David De Gea, and Robert Lewandowski.

However, we decided to bring you only the Top 5 salaries from this list. We also need to note that the wages are monthly and before tax for each player. We took the liberty of doing all the math in order to give you the yearly salary of each individual. 

5.- Antoine Griezmann – €18 million

The recently arrived Antoine Griezmann came to Barcelona after taking a cut from his €23 million per-season wages at Atletico Madrid. He understood how the structure at the club works, and he didn’t mind earning the same amount as the other centre-forward in the club.

Griezmann’s wage will go up a bit after the end of the season if the star meets certain requirements. But for now, he earns the same as the fourth player on the list. 

4.- Luis Suarez – €18 million

The Uruguay international has been winning the same amount of money for the last couple of years. He is the second behind FC Barcelona’s highest earner, and he doesn’t mind sharing.

On a monthly basis, Luis earns a good €1,5 million after-tax. Just as it happens with Griezmann, he can earn more if his club gets to win titles by the end of the season with him as a key player.

The €18 million per season is also after-tax, which is impressive for a veteran striker. 

3.- Neymar – €18,36 million

When Neymar arrived at PSG, he was earning an impressive €38 million per season after tax. But the two injuries he suffered took him way below what he earned during his first year.

Regardless, Ney ranks third in the world only behind the two best players at the moment. Should PSG win the UEFA Champions League this season, his salary would go above €30 million again.

On a monthly basis, L’Equipe reported that Neymar earns €3,06 million. This makes him the highest-paid player in Ligue 1. 

2.- Cristiano Ronaldo – €27 million

Even though he is already 35 years old, Cristiano still makes an insane amount of money from his football club alone. On a monthly basis, he earns a reported €4,5 million.

This translates into €27 million per-season. This is slightly below what he was going to earn if Juventus won the Champions League. However, the cut for not winning wasn’t that terrible.

Props to Jorge Mendes for putting together a strong contract for the veteran star. 

1.- Lionel Messi – €49.8 million

The only reason Lionel Messi didn’t win the €50 million he had on his contract, is because he didn’t win the UEFA Champions League last season.

The Argentine is still he highest-paid player on the planet with an outrageous €4,15 million that he receives every month after tax. We suspect he could earn a lot more if he decided to play for clubs such as PSG or Manchester City.

FC Barcelona spends nearly €100 million before tax on their most valuable player every season. Let that sink in…

Which of these players deserves his monthly salary the most? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.